Networking isn’t war…it’s collaboration!

As many business owners know, networking is a great way to make contacts and grow your business.  However, I often (and more so lately) attend networking events and feel a negative tension in the room. 

What is that tension I am feeling? It’s that feeling of extreme competition and “one-upmanship” that some business owners feel is necessary to get the sale.  They criticize the competition when they should be focusing on their own strengths…there is negative gossip and rumors spreading like wildfire. 

Guess what…it doesn’t work for me and it doesn’t work for your business in the long-run.  Sure, you may be able to dive in and make some quick cash.    But, word spreads quickly in the networking arena…we are, after all, networking and building relationships with others.  And, in those relationships we tend to “share” information.   Once the word gets around that you are participating in these negative “business building” techniques people stay away and don’t refer you. 

On the other hand, if you are positive and help others to build, learn, and grow their business…you are seen as a valuable resource that people trust.  Which do you prefer? Which way do your prospects and clients prefer?

So, smile…focus on building your own business instead of criticizing others…stay positive…help others…and practice great customer service.  It’s simple and works every time!

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