Business Plan Outline

Business Plan Outline – guideline to creating an effective and thorough business plan.

Title Page

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Business phone
  • Owner (s)
  • Email, etc

Table of Contents

  • List title of each section and page number
  • List all documents in Appendices

Business Concept/Executive Summary

  • Describe your business and what it does
  • Describe your product or service
  • Explain how you are different from the competition
  • Describe the image you want to portray?
  • What is you your target pricing…high-end or low end?
  • What do you project your annual sales to be?
  • Who is your customer and how will they use your product/service?

Marketing Plan

  • Demographics of your customer
  • Competition – who are they? and why?
  • How did you determine price in relation to demographics?
  • Describe the features/benefits of your products/services
  • What market research did you do?
  • What is the life cycle of your industry?
  • What is your overall and detailed marketing strategy?

Management/Operational Plan

  • Management team – what/who does it consist of?
  • Describe the operational controls do you have in place?
  • Policies and procedures
  • Legal or other professional support
  • Logistics

Financial Plan

  • Funding required
  • Financial Projections such as income and cash flow
  • Planned use of funds
  • Financial Strategies
  • Financial Statements (especially for investors)

Strategic Plan

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Industry opportunities for growth/expansion
  • Industry threats
  • Company goals


  • Research studies
  • Maps
  • Blueprints
  • Assets
  • Leases, contracts
  • Articles and brochures
  • All supporting documents

Do you need multiple business plans?

Customize your plan for banks/investors, type of industry, or another purpose…perhaps a condensed version to easily refer to when needed.

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