Small Business Challenge – Grow your Clients in 2012!

OK…it’s time to “ramp it up” a bit!  Challenge yourself!  Who is your “dream client”? For the next two weeks challenge yourself to contact 10 people or businesses who you would LOVE to have as a client.

What’s holding you back from approaching those “unapproachable” prospective clients?  What are you afraid of…that they will say “no”?  So what, you haven’t lost anything because you didn’t have them as a client in the first place.  The fear of them saying no is a poor excuse for not asking for a meeting…or for their business.

OR…maybe you are more afraid they will say “yes”?  What happens then? …are you good enough? …do you have the staff to meet their needs?  Can you meet the deadline?  The answer is a definite YES! You can meet the deadlines and do a fantastic job.  Everything will fall into place…there are solutions…just get the client and we can go from there.  And here is why you should be unafraid:

Consider this:

If your prospect says “yes” to you it only means they are unhappy with whoever they are currently working with…use the time you have to ASK QUESTIONS!  When you are done, ask more questions…  Your goal is to fulfill that client’s needs and the person/business before you apparently did not.  So, congratulations to you, you get the next opportunity!  Find out what they want and need….then give them just a little more than they expect.  You will have a client who values you and refers other to you as well!

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