Aug 29

Last “FREE to ALL” Zocate Seminar/Networking Event of 2011!

Network, giveaways, speakers, fun! If you missed the last one, you don’t want to miss it this time around! IMPORTANT: You must come to this event. 
This is the last FREE to ALL ZOCATE event and the last one of 2011.  So invite as many people as you can.  Beginning in 2012 ONLY members will be able to attend for free. 
Hear 3 great speakers with 3 great topics –
Karen Oliver,, will teach us what key words can help close the sale and how to motivate customers with her topic  “Knowing the Right Words to Trump Your Competition”  
~ Deanne Adamson, Mental Health Counseling Personal Success Coach, will motivate and inspire us to connect with our passion and empower ourselves to be successful with her topic  “Creating a Foundation for Success”
~ Adam Roig w/The PC Doctors, will teach all of us who participate in social media about what internet sites are safe and how to protect ourselves with his topic “Promote Yourself Online and Protect Yourself at the Same Time!”

We only have 100 seats available so please RSVP on this site or email with name, and phone. The temperature in the room fluctuates so please dress appropriately. Bring snacks if you need them.

Please arrive early to sign in and network. Networking and registration begins at 8:30am and the presentation portion is from 9-11:30am

Location is at the Radisson Hotel (SE corner of Chandler Blvd/I-10)  Check out the info on !  RSVP to to reserve your seat NOW!
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Aug 23

Networking isn’t war…it’s collaboration!

As many business owners know, networking is a great way to make contacts and grow your business.  However, I often (and more so lately) attend networking events and feel a negative tension in the room. 

What is that tension I am feeling? It’s that feeling of extreme competition and “one-upmanship” that some business owners feel is necessary to get the sale.  They criticize the competition when they should be focusing on their own strengths…there is negative gossip and rumors spreading like wildfire. 

Guess what…it doesn’t work for me and it doesn’t work for your business in the long-run.  Sure, you may be able to dive in and make some quick cash.    But, word spreads quickly in the networking arena…we are, after all, networking and building relationships with others.  And, in those relationships we tend to “share” information.   Once the word gets around that you are participating in these negative “business building” techniques people stay away and don’t refer you. 

On the other hand, if you are positive and help others to build, learn, and grow their business…you are seen as a valuable resource that people trust.  Which do you prefer? Which way do your prospects and clients prefer?

So, smile…focus on building your own business instead of criticizing others…stay positive…help others…and practice great customer service.  It’s simple and works every time!

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Aug 22

The Queen of “ummm”…

Check out the new videos in the menu on the right.  They are rough and a first attempt but informative and functional!  And, there will be more to come.  Please accept our apologies for the commercial ads to the right when viewing the videos…just something we put up with when we use free software. 

Oh and let Karen L know on Facebook how many times she says “umm” in each of the videos!  What kind of an award can she get for that?  Hey “Toastmasters” – can you help her??

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Aug 20

Why ZOCATE? Try ZOCATE! Free webinar

Tuesday morning, August 23rd at 9am…sit at your computer, put your phone on the speaker setting, watch and listen to a free webinar on Why you should list your business on and how to create that listing. 

You must register in advance at and call in to the webinar a couple minutes prior to start time.

Whether you are already on ZOCATE or just thinking about it…this webinar is packed full of information all for you!

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Aug 18

A Business Building Event you won’t want to miss!

September 13th at the Holiday Inn – Mesa, AZ you will want to attend a knowledge packed event.  Powerful speakers, including our very own Karen Lawrence , will share great business building tools.  Other speakers you will definitely want to hear are Networking Pro - Casey Eberhart – (co-author of “Stepping Stones to Success” with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield), Sales Pro –  Scott Schilling, and Passion Pro – Caren Glasser executive Sales Director with comF5 video marketing!

Click here for the details and to RSVP.  Use discount code PYP11 to get $5 off admission.

Don’t miss it!

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Aug 16

ZOCATE is Blogging!

Hello everyone! is blogging so we can share with the world how this incredible resource grows as your business grows.  We welcome your comments and suggestions about the ZOCATE website and the blogposts. 

We’ll keep you informed of updates and revisions to the website, our great ZOCATE Events for local businesses, ZOCATE in the media, and even share some tidbits of what Karen and the ZOCATE team are up to…

Read…comment…and enjoy!


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