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FAQs for Consumers
How do I Zocate?  

It’s simple...just type in some keywords about the type of business you are looking for at the top of the website pages...don’t forget the location.

What can Zocate do for you?  
For the consumers, provides a single location to find businesses near you that have a desire to support and promote other local businesses, while focusing on strengthening neighborhood communities and providing top quality service and value to everyone!  
How will people find out about this site?  
We have lots of plans in place; too many to list in this space. We have a comprehensive marketing plan that includes everything from “old-fashioned” word-of-mouth to extensive media coverage. Our rankings on search engines will continue to rise rapidly as more members join and we cross-link websites, and our technical experts are working on other ways to optomize search engine rankings.  
How can I, as a consumer, make this site better for other consumers?  

Here are just a few ways you can help:

  • Rate the businesses you use – praise them when they do well
    and offer constructive criticism when you feel they could do better.
  • Contact us and give us feedback on ways to make the site
    better for your use.
  • Contact local businesses you like and trust and tell them about
    this low-cost networking and advertising opportunity.
  • Tell everyone you know about us! The more we grow, the
    more services and value we can provide to both the public
    and our business members.
How are you different from using a regular search engine,
the yellow pages, or other internet advertising?
A is first, and foremost, a way to support local business growth.
Our focus is to provide a tools and resources and resource for those
businesses to give them the same advantages that, in the past, only
larger businesses had access. Often, the larger search engines are
simply too large and whoever had the most dollars to spend on marketing
get ranked higher. solves that problem by focusing on
community. If we build small business, we help to build community!
What are the future plans of the site?  
We strive to make this site the best it can possibly be for both consumers
and businesses! There are lots of plans in place. Keep checking back
and watch us grow and become better for you!
FAQs for Businesses
Why should I become a member?  
A is the future of marketing and growing your business!
Not only do we provide you with ad space but also a vast amount of
articles and resources, some free education and networking events,
and marketing opportunities to help support your business growth.
If you are a local business owner, you WANT and NEED to be a part
of Our rankings on search engines are rising rapidly and
we have people working daily to make our website better for you and
the consumers who visit here. You can have it all!

How much does it cost to advertise on this site?  
It's only $97 a year to get all the benefits of a Zocate Membership. Click here for details.  
Why is the price so low?  
That’s easy…we don’t want to leave anyone out! Every local business
owner should be a part of so we want to make it very easy
for you to say YES to your success!
OK…you convinced me…how do I join?  
Simply go to the Try Zocate page and follow the instructions.  
How many advertising spots can I purchase?  
As many as you want! At this, time we are not limiting the quantity of
ad spaces you purchase but that may change as we grow.
What is your refund policy?  
A will refund your fees if your membership application is rejected
or we remove you involuntarily from advertising here for violation of the Site
Terms of Use or other unforeseen reasons. For involuntary removal, any
refund will be on a pro-rata basis.
Do you allow any type of business to advertise on  
For the most part, yes. However, there are some exceptions such as “Adult Content” businesses, business that participate in illegal activities, and others not mentioned here. We reserve the right to decline advertising requests and/or remove advertisers/members that do not fit our business model or violate our policies. See site Terms of Service for more detail.  
What is the Affiliate Program and how does it work?  

Join as an Affiliate today! Our Affiliate program rewards you
for placing the Zocate banner ad or button on your web site or emailing
your unique affiliate link.

Every time someone clicks on your unique affiliate link and purchases
a membership, you'll earn a commission. We will pay you
30% commissions for every referral to! And your referral commissions are recurring for life of each Zocate member. Imagine the possibilities! Once your commissions reach a total of $50, we'll send you a referral check.
Join the Affiliate program today.

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